An Uncertain Start to the Trustees’ Meeting Weekend

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 5.27.39 PMYes, we’re still still here—despite a rising sense in the Crouse-Hinds lobby that the administration is hoping to take swift action to disperse our sit-in. As we speak, the campus fire department is here trying to fire-code-violation us into taking our signs down. So the signs are coming down, but we’re not leaving. This is to be expected. Since the beginning of this protest it’s been clear that the Administration’s most trusted tool is a slow barrage of minor, inconvenient administrative requests that slowly deplete our statement.

Here’s what we need: PEOPLE TO COME SLEEP HERE. Folks who have been sleeping here are tired and, like you, want to go spend a night in their beds. Come. Sleep. Here. We have clearance for up to 40 students per night.

Here’s what we know right now: the Board of Trustee meetings have begun. The Daily Orange has reported that the new mission statement is still on the agenda, despite Chancellor Syverud’s statement last night that he would e-mail the board requesting the vote’s postponement.

This morning, the Student Association president Boris Gresely presented before their executive committee for student affairs and disseminated our 46-page Demands & Grievances document to the board. He told them we wanted to meet with them, and we think they responded that they’d bring a possible meeting to a vote. We’re receiving confusing messages from the administration (of course)—for example, that they won’t let us meet with any trustees until Saturday, even though the board meets Thursday and Friday. Of course, some trustees will be here until Saturday and some do live in the area. We’ll keep you posted as we receive more information about that.


We’re also receiving still-dubious information from the administration that they will only meet with us if we end the sit-in. And of course, that’s not happening. We’ve already been covered by Inside Higher Ed and The Chronicle of Higher Ed, as well as extensively in the local press, and today we spoke further with the Chronicle for more in-depth coverage. So no, we’re not moving for a single, minor issue. That would only concede to what we understand to be the Administration and Trustees’ clear objective, namely to clear this protest as quickly as possible with the fewest concessions they can manage. We are staying until we receive written responses to all major segments of our demands.

The general meeting is starting, so we’ll be back with updates later. Til then.

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