Mobilization for Tonight

Rumors of force being used to remove students from the administration building today (Friday November 7, 2014) by 5:00 p.m, has called for mobilization. We must remind the administration that we will not be forced out of Crouse Hinds without an address to our demands. We will link arms not as individual organizations but as “ONE,” in solidarity for justice.

The sharp words of Tennessee Williams haunt the revolution in us, “Time is the longest distance between two places.” We have stood in the trap of stillness while time has passed us by. Nothing and everything has come of The Student Africana American Society rally since the last time you’ve heard our voice. We are grateful for the subsequent events, the coalition of brothers and sisters; faculty and student; old and young. The voice the campus is hearing now is vulnerable, but strong in its willingness to do whatever to keep the promise of the rally that surrounded the Hanna Strong situation, various program cuts, and an administration that underrepresents a bulk of students. Our promise is a commitment to action, a commitment to go to extreme means to achieve our goal as students.

Our commitment utters the sounds of true diversity in the democratic setting not just in academia, but also in the larger community. As students we are fighting for a legacy of freedom; freedom that will ultimately lead to a unified campus, formed out of our wants and needs and not constructed by distant administration. THE General Body has continued the fight for a harmonious society on the campus of Syracuse University. We embody the idea that Syracuse University and its administration speak so strongly about, diversity. This is the same idea that our administration has attempted to silence. THE General Body has brought together what no administration has. Over 50 student groups and faculty have consolidated to voice their concerns.

That commitment forces us to not only listen in this time of change, but to be heard in this time of stillness. We are the voice of a vulnerable people; the same people who stood behind a podium on September 19, the same people who stood in Crouse Hinds on November 3, and the same people who stand before you. Let us be reminded–if we have not already forgotten—that the commitment to social change is a hard battle. One that calls for an even harder fight. So, we will call upon ultimate resistance and steadfastness. We will not be treated as sheep to the wolves of administration, but rather the shepherds of change to a herd-less university. The student African American Society is merely one interchangeable part to a General Body of one.

– David L. Jackson
Posse Miami 2
School of Education | College of Arts and Science
NAACP| Education and Advocacy
Student African American Society| Public Relations Chair
Project G.R.I.N.D| Co- Founder

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