Chancellor Kent Syverud Orders Physical Plant Workers to do His Dirty Work and tear down THE General Body’s Memorial

Last week Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud ordered physical plant workers to construct a wall around students protesting his decisions to get rid of vital services for students who have been victims of sexual assault and to neglect students with mental health needs, disabilities or who have been the subject of hate speech and racism. These are only some of the pervasive, life-threatening issues faced by students, faculty and staff of the University, and that the Chancellor refuses to make concrete decisions to address. Instead, he has espoused a rhetoric of “caring” while his actions to move toward “efficiency” tell a different story. His latest act was to order physical plant to remove a memorial students erected at the wall to remind the campus that they are here fighting for their needs and to honor those who have lost their lives or had their lives disregarded due to lack of adequate services and support.


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2 responses to “Chancellor Kent Syverud Orders Physical Plant Workers to do His Dirty Work and tear down THE General Body’s Memorial

  1. D Menace

    You guys are not very understanding. There are rules and laws in place and when the university follows the rules they get ridiculed for it. The fence was extended because of ongoing construction on the east face of Crouse Hinds to protect all parties from injury. Also posting things on a contractors fence aka private property who may or may not agree with your views is rude and offensive. THE General Body does not represent all students especially with their tactics that have been in use and the misrepresentation of information to support their opinions. Very few people apart of the THE General Body are players in University politics so their ineffective presence is proving a nuisance to those who are forced to deal with it like the DPS officers who have to work overtime details, the physical plant and facilities workers who have to work harder due to increased usage of the space as well as all the players who are affected by the 40+ page document in which they have to review their policies to meet the demands of the privileged. Stop being assholes and go home.


    • Interesting, if politically unsavvy position. No, the General Body doesn’t literally represent ALL students. Yet, it raises issues and attempts to resolve issues that affect all students. And, if they are successful, all current and future students will benefit from their struggle. You can argue a technical point if you choose, but removing the display had little to do with regulations and more to do with demoralizing the movement.


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