Tenured Law Professor Challenges Chancellor Syverud’s Threatening Actions and Refusal to Allow THE General Body to Seek Counsel

a sign on the construction fence around Crouse-Hinds, since removed

a sign on the construction fence around Crouse-Hinds, since removed

Dear Faculty members:

THE General Body students were denied lawyers today after the University’s lawyer delivered hand addressed envelopes to 15 of the students (with their individual name on it) with copies of the student code of conduct and disruption policies highlighted.  Dan French, the University’s lawyer hand delivered these about 10 minutes after a representative from the ACLU and a law professor had left the building at 8 pm last night. We were not advised of this before we left the building.

There was no explanation, no warning, no orders, nothing.  The students asked to see a lawyer who could advise them on the student conduct system policies and procedures.  As a tenured law professor here for 22 years I was refused admittance to Crouse Hinds on Saturday morning.  I explained that my mission was to explain the code of conduct and its procedures to the students and that was all; I was denied admittance after being made to wait out in the cold for their response.  When I called DPS I was told that students would be allowed out two at a time to talk to me and then would be permitted back in the building; before I could deal with the problem of advising the students out in the cold I received a call from DPS Sardino who informed me that no lawyer, university or otherwise (NY Lawyers even those actually retained by the students) would be allowed in the building this weekend and the policy of allowing them  out to talk to me was withdrawn.  Other NY lawyers are trying to get in to see the students but I am told they will be denied.  This is outrageous and an abuse of all that should be respected about our students and their rights to the most basic access to lawyers to advise them about their situation.

I think we faculty members need to meet and discuss how we want our university to conduct itself.  We need to have a voice on the most basic rights of these students who are now isolated from further counsel during this weekend when events may change at any second.

Let’s talk about how we can support these students: they are not being rowdy, disruptive or aggressive.  They aren’t part of the party image of Syracuse: they are arguing for mental health counselors, for the advocacy center, for posse scholarships to continue, against the exclusion of a commitment to racial, ethnic and other diversities in the mission statement as well as other important items. They have been peaceful, thoughtful, and committed to making this a better place.

They are exhausted and yet still do their studies and hold teach ins and other educational events in the midst of a growing hostility and isolation by the administration.  They have been waiting now for four days for the promised meeting with the administration; their demands have sometimes been met with apologies but no changes for things like the advocacy center and the posse program.  Their signs were torn down last night, signs that were honoring and commemorating those who may have died because they lacked proper access to mental health care here.  They deserve our visible support.  They have their own voice and their own issues.   People who don’t understand their issues should go talk to them directly when the building is open again; do not depend on others and their attempts to diminish the importance of key issues by citing the least important ones.

At a minimum, please write and tell the Chancellor that denying them immediate direct access to legal advisors is a very bad move and only escalates the situation.  This could have been a non-issue by permitting two lawyers to meet with them for an hour this morning (and at similar points in the future if further questions arise.) There is nothing to gain by the University stubbornly refusing them direct legal advice  on university policies or NY law.  There is much to lose by ignoring these basic rights.

Janis L. McDonald
Professor of Law
Co-Director Cold Case Justice Initiative
Syracuse University College of Law
Syracuse, New York


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5 responses to “Tenured Law Professor Challenges Chancellor Syverud’s Threatening Actions and Refusal to Allow THE General Body to Seek Counsel

  1. Nimanthi Rajasingham

    This is completely outrageous behavior. I cannot believe that administration behaves like this.


  2. loreal

    I was once proud to be an Syracuse alumni i am now ashamed and disgusted by the behavior of the Chancellor and administrative staff


  3. Joan Hartman

    I agree with what this administration is doing and support none of the General Bodies grievances. I also think it’s adorable that the group tries to make it sound like all the students agree with what they say by calling themselves the general body. The vast majority of students do not want anything to do with this group or its silly demands.


    • Joan, is it the fight for diversity and retention of minority scholarships that bother you? If the grievance included fighting for squirrels, cats, and the rain forest, you wouldn’t see this as “silly,” right? I bet the vast majority of students who oppose are privileged little brats contributing to the number 1 party rank.


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