Women’s & Gender Studies Professor “Dismayed at the Criminalization of These Students”

window press

Dear Chancellor Syverud,

I am writing to ask that student protestors be given the respect they deserve as students of this university who have the courage to take action to advocate for themselves, for fellow students, and for a better, more inclusive university.

From the beginning of this movement, I have been dismayed at the criminalization of these students. They were met by DPS and the university General Counsel before ever reaching Crouse Hinds Hall. They have subsequently been locked in on weekends like prisoners and now they are being accused of violating a student code of conduct and denied legal representation.

These students may disagree with your policies but they are our students and are thus entitled to be listened to and taught. What values are they learning by being treated like criminals who are being denied the rights guaranteed by our constitution?

I am currently at an academic conference where attendees noticing my university affiliation have mentioned the General Body and the movement at Syracuse. The world is watching Chancellor. I implore you to do right by these students.

As you know, Syracuse has a proud tradition of activism. Let us honor that tradition by treating the students fairly.


Robin Riley
Assistant Professor
Women’s and Gender Studies
Syracuse University

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