A Message from Tatiana Cadet and Fatima Bangura, SA President and Vice President Candidates


Dear Student Body,

We, Tatiana Cadet and Fatima Bangura, officially launched our campaign for the 2015-2016 Student Association Presidency on Monday March 30, three weeks before elections.

We were moved to act and organize after reviewing the other Student Association (SA) presidential tickets, Aysha Seedat and Jane Hong, and Abell and Dawson, and now others. We are not confident that their platforms adequately reflect the needs, wants and safety of students of all backgrounds and identities here at SU. Their platforms only address student issues on a surface level and do not venture to truly analyze the causes and effects of the current student experience at Syracuse University, neither do their platforms ask for input from the student body.

As SA President and Vice President, we will address and push back against the rise in tuition. We will strive to build and strengthen the relationship between student organizations and the Syracuse City community. We will improve the relationship between SA and the student body. We will address the feelings of insecurity and fear of students at SU and take steps to eradicate this fear. We will accomplish these goals by embracing four staple principles throughout our year-long term: Strengthen Community, Improve Security, Improve Student Association and Address Your Student Issues.

Fatima and I are not interested in making false promises or saying all of these things just to get elected. These are values and goals that we have been championing since we each stepped foot on the campus of SU. After reflecting on our involvement in other organizations, we believe that SA, the organization with the strongest relationship and direct line of communication to the administration, is the perfect place to continue launching efforts that will positively impact every student on this campus.

We have developed a few plans of action to begin taking steps to solve these student issues, but we also want to continue to develop and embrace some of the resources and programs SA has already implemented thanks to the hard work of students in SA.

Other important issues we will tackle are: the polarization of colleges, departments and programs and how it denies access to students based on their college, major, etc., the division between and mistreatment of transfer students, the transparency of decisions and information within SA to all students on campus, bias within the Safety Escort service, further action on sexual assault on campus and the ‘Yes means Yes’ policy, policies in place for the Bird Library entrances, and the safety of students of marginalized identities.

Seedat has been a member of SA for years and has done good work with the Student Life Committee, but she is disconnected from what many students want and need out of a new SA president. Instead of continuing with the current structure and exclusive atmosphere of SA, we want to improve the relationship and communication between SA representatives and students in all schools, classes and majors. This does not mean that all of the hard work she and her committees achieved will go to waste, on the contrary, we will build upon the strong foundation and resources that students in SA have built and created.

Abell’s platform highlights important issues that students have raised concern about ever since THE General Body created a document of student grievances last semester. Transparency and relations between the Department of Public Safety and students are real issues, but Abell and Dawson fail to outline tangible solutions that are not already taking place to solve these issues.

SA elections will take place the week of April 13 and will end on April 16. All undergraduate students are invited to participate by logging into their MySlice account and selecting or writing in the name of the person they believe will genuinely represent the needs of all students at SU. We believe that we, Tatiana Cadet and Fatima Bangura, legitimately recognize and represent the greatest needs and wants of the undergraduate student body at SU.

If you want your voice to be heard, write in Tatiana Cadet for SA President on April 13-16.

Your write-in candidates,
Tatiana Cadet and Fatima Bangura

What are the issues that you face as a student at SU? We want to know! Please e-mail us your questions and concerns at TatiFati4SA@gmail.com

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