Join THE General Body Tomorrow to Support Reverend Dexter


Local community and religious leader Dr. Rev. Lemorris Dexter is currently in jail awaiting sentencing on bogus charges incurred after police attacked him and his wife, Alisha, in their front yard on Jan. 4, 2014. He is facing up to one year in jail for “obstructing governmental administration” and “disorderly conduct.”

Rev. Dexter leads the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church and is the President of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He is a tireless advocate for poor and oppressed people from all walks of life.

Rev. Dexter was targeted because he is an outspoken leader who doesn’t back down in the face of intimidation. But this isn’t just an attack on one man, it’s an attack on an entire community.

Please join us as we gather to support Rev. Dexter on the Friday before his sentencing at 12 p.m. outside the  Onondaga County “Justice” Center at 555 S. State St. THE General Body will meet at Hendricks Chapel on the SU campus at 11:15 a.m. to walk there together. See the Facebook event here.

This event is being supported by: Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Syracuse Answer Coalition, THE General Body, and more.

For more information, or to endorse this action, please contact

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