THE General Body Solicits Information RE: SU Layoffs/ “Voluntary” Separation

We in THE General Body hope you are well! We need your help right now. As an independent group interested in the direction of SU, we need to have a full accounting of what is going on at SU, who is being fired/’voluntarily’ laid off, which departments are facing most pressure, etc. We know they are trying to do this quietly, over the summer. PLEASE EMAIL US and forward this solicitation to any interested parties, particularly staffmembers and CNY community members.
We need to gather up more information about what is going on with regards to the recently announced (so-called) “voluntary” layoffs at SU. Read more at and
Do you have insider information? Are you being asked to take this deal? Do you feel coerced? How do you feel about it? What department do you work in? Please let us know by emailing We will do our best to keep this information anonymous, if you request it.
In addition to these formally announced “offers”, we are getting reports that SU Deans and various departments are receiving orders RIGHT NOW from the chancellor to FIRE people. This hearkens back to the info we had leaked to us prior to us deciding to do the sit-in–that the chancellor and his administration had confusingly and secretly required departments to show how they would cut a large chunk out of their budget. We would like to hear more details. If you have any information pertaining to these firings, and ANY other ‘cuts’ or pressures being faced at SU, please email us at
We also want to thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done to be part of the anti-oppression movement for social and environmental justice, at SU, in CNY, and everywhere else you go, the ways you’ve been part of THE General Body, the ways you’ve critiqued THE General Body, and the ways you take care of yourself. 
Thanks for your help. Please forward this email to those who may not be on our listserv, especially staffmembers and community members. Again, we will do everything we can to keep your information anonymous if you wish.

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One response to “THE General Body Solicits Information RE: SU Layoffs/ “Voluntary” Separation

  1. SU Staff

    HR making rounds and calling people to talk about “voluntary separation” plan, answer questions, and generally try to get us to take them up on it. I said no, thank you.

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