Get Involved

Thanks for your support! There are a number of ways you can support us in our fight for diversity, transparency, and safety for SU students.

  • Sign up for our listserv, write to your local media outlet, or send your media contacts our way at
  • Attend THE General Body meetings, dates publicized via our facebook group and listserv.
  • Get parents of SU students involved, by sending them this letter or asking them to contact the Parents’ Office (315-443-1200, or Chancellor Syverud (, whether to express support for our demands or concern about how the administration is policing us.
  • Get alumni involved, by sending them this letter or asking them to contact the Alumni Office (315-443-3258, 800-782-5867, or Chancellor Syverud (

Thanks for your support! It’s what keeps this movement strong.

One response to “Get Involved

  1. Michael Messina-Yauchzy, Ph.D. 2003 (Maxwell, Social Science), Syracuse

    November 14, 2014

    An open letter to Chancellor Syverud, the Trustees, and the Alumni Association,

    As a doctoral alumnus of the University, the parent of a current SU student, and a resident of Syracuse, I am writing to urge Chancellor Kent Syverud and his administration to take seriously the needs and requests of students occupying Crouse-Hinds Building as THE General Body.

    The chancellor has expressed dismay, I believe, over SU being named by the Princeton Review as the #1 party school in America. The answer to this concern is right here. These are the students who should be taken seriously and addressing their demands conscientiously is what will change SU’s reputation.

    These courageous and smart students are leading the way for diversity, transparency, and democracy in a nation where most people are all too complacent about the dictatorial institutions that are running our lives. If we were to be serious about saving democracy in this country, we would need to encourage it to take root and be nourished at all levels. Here we have a group of students—a coalition of student groups—caring enough to put themselves on the line to make things better, to have the real needs of real students be addressed and met, not according to an administrative idea about what it is thought that they need, but through an interactive process educating the administration about those needs.

    The chancellor’s rather weak apology for the sudden moves that have hurt students is only a small start. Less attention needs to be put on maintaining power and control over these students and more on learning from them how best to meet their needs. The University’s sudden and ill-conceived cuts, changes, and disregards to the Advocacy Center, the Posse Program, the University Mission Statement, mental health services, disability services, and other complaint areas addressed by THE General Body are not acceptable. As a parent of a student of color who depends on the University for her safety and health, I am concerned and appalled by the callous disregard that is being shown. A suicidal student who comes to the health center should not be turned away with directions to walk to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

    The media and others who are characterizing THE General Body as rabble are wrong. My daughter is a very serious student and I am proud that she is standing with her fellows to get their legitimate expectations addressed. I urge this administration to stop posturing and strategizing and to sit down with these students as partners to work out what needs to be done. Calls for them to leave Crouse-Hinds before they are satisfied should be rescinded. The chancellor says he wants to work through legitimate bodies and student organizations, yet this ignores the fact that so-called recognized student representatives have been hand-picked by the administration and that THE General Body is a coalition that includes undergraduate and graduate student associations.

    I call upon other alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and residents to join in supporting these worthy students who are working to make the University a better place for all. (I would be with them again right now, but I am in Philadelphia for the next few days.) These students’ initiative, like the initiatives we honor on holidays like Independence Day and Martin Luther King Day, are leading the way toward a more inclusive and democratic society. I commend them.

    Michael Messina-Yauchzy, Ph.D. 2003 (Maxwell, Social Science)


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