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THE General Body calls on Chancellor Syverud to sign the following Good Faith Commitment Contract to demonstrate his commitment to the needs of the campus community. These six crucial student needs were not addressed in the Chancellor’s “final response” to students’ needs, grievances, and solutions. We also ask that the Chancellor fulfill his commitment to sign a nonretaliation agreement, thus ensuring that students, faculty, and staff participating in the sit-in will not face punitive measures for their work to address these pressing problems.

A committed and growing group of faculty, students, parents, and alumni await the Chancellor’s commitment to addressing these crucial campus needs.


“They’re all important,” and to choose among them “feels like asking somebody to choose between their children.”

— Chancellor Syverud, November 5, 2014 official transcript, on describing the issues raised in THE General Body’s Grievances, Needs, and Solutions document.

Demonstrating my good faith commitment to the university community, I, Chancellor Syverud, commit to the following critical needs:

  1. I, Chancellor Syverud, commit to not cutting any more programs or scholarships that recruit and admit US students of color and students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.
  2. I, Chancellor Syverud, commit to the original contract made to the POSSE program, three years of which were prematurely cut without consulting a single student.
  3. I, Chancellor Syverud, commit to hiring seven more counselors for Syracuse University’s Counseling Center, as the International Association of Counseling Services, SU’s accrediting agency for counseling, recommends. The agency recommends one counselor for every 1,000 students.
  4. I, Chancellor Syverud, commit to hiring an additional psychiatrist to the one that serves nearly 24,000 students on both SUNY ESF and SU’s campus. This is in addition to the psychiatric nurse that the university is currently searching for.
  5.  I, Chancellor Syverud, commit to honoring and implementing the recommendations of the Workgroup on Sexual Violence Prevention, Education, and Advocacy, which was created after community outcry in response to the irresponsible closure of the Advocacy Center.
  6. I, Chancellor Syverud, commit to financial transparency on campus, including providing the necessary salary data to the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). Last year’s failure to provide this data led to the Syracuse University’s AAUP’s inability to write the Z report (a critical data source on faculty salaries) for the first time in nearly 50 years. I further commit to making a comprehensive budget breakdown public, including student tuition, the $1.044 billion raised in The Campaign for SU, the amount of money spent on student services, community projects, scholarships, and the amount of money given to the university from both the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

After addressing these critical university community needs, I, Chancellor Syverud, look forward to a more inclusive governance process that includes the entire university as we work toward our common goals of safety, diversity, accessibility, equality, social justice, and democracy.



Chancellor Syverud

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Founder and Director of 601 Tully Shares Letters of Support


I write to show solidarity with The General Body.

I also am gratified to know that the de-funding of 601 Tully in the first round of Chancellor cuts is on your list of grievances. 601 Tully was a former drug house on the NWS that 117 students from colleges across campus helped to renovate into a vibrant art, ecology and eduction center. Until this summer it served as model collaboration between artists, University and an impoverished neighborhood. It offered free classes, gallery and artist residencies seven days a week and attracted in its first year of staffing 4700 visitors. 601 Tully is also a member of CMAC (Coaltion for Museums and Arts Centers); and the School of Education has, as best they are able to, continued to support this important work.

I want to share with you two documents (here and here) of the many letters from around the country written in support of 601 Tully and against the decision to cut its funding by 100 percent last Spring by the Chancellor. These letters were sent to the Chancellor via Eric Spina at the time of the news and it seems appropriate that they be added to your list of support and grievances now. Please feel free to post them on your blog.

I look forward to supporting you tomorrow at the faculty rally.

Marion Wilson
Associate Professor
Syracuse University
Founder, Director 601 Tully
(Center for Engaged Art & Research)


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Architecture Professor is “Dismayed and Greatly Disappointed” at Administration’s “Egregious” Behavior


Dear Chancellor Syverud,

I am writing to implore you to allow the students in The General Body to access legal counsel. I am dismayed and greatly disappointed that the university would act in such an egregious manner and clear disregard for the students’ legal rights.

Although it may be considered an unfortunate means to an end, there is an incredible opportunity and urgent desire by students, faculty and staff for real and powerful change to take place across campus. I am so proud to be part of a community so committed to speaking out in order to promote more inclusive participation and governance. Chancellor Syverud please engage our community in a way that seeks real and meaningful change and be willing to change plans when it is clear certain decisions were not the right ones; great leaders can and do this.


Lori Brown, Associate Professor, School of Architecture
Syracuse University

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Women’s & Gender Studies Professor “Dismayed at the Criminalization of These Students”

window press

Dear Chancellor Syverud,

I am writing to ask that student protestors be given the respect they deserve as students of this university who have the courage to take action to advocate for themselves, for fellow students, and for a better, more inclusive university.

From the beginning of this movement, I have been dismayed at the criminalization of these students. They were met by DPS and the university General Counsel before ever reaching Crouse Hinds Hall. They have subsequently been locked in on weekends like prisoners and now they are being accused of violating a student code of conduct and denied legal representation.

These students may disagree with your policies but they are our students and are thus entitled to be listened to and taught. What values are they learning by being treated like criminals who are being denied the rights guaranteed by our constitution?

I am currently at an academic conference where attendees noticing my university affiliation have mentioned the General Body and the movement at Syracuse. The world is watching Chancellor. I implore you to do right by these students.

As you know, Syracuse has a proud tradition of activism. Let us honor that tradition by treating the students fairly.


Robin Riley
Assistant Professor
Women’s and Gender Studies
Syracuse University

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